the story of the smart home

Michelle Kaufmann from After Black Hammer on Vimeo.

My talented and dear friend Garret Curtis made this beautiful video of the story behind the Smart Home in Chicago. I love his eye and gift for story telling. Lord knows I am no easy subject to deal with.
More of Garret’s work is at After Black Hammer and Posterous.

6 Responses to “the story of the smart home”

  1. Steven Holmes says:

    That was great Michelle. Nice work Garret! Awesome.

  2. Matt says:

    I love the green home process. Starting a subdivision and would like to incorporate it as much as possible

  3. Ray Smiley says:

    Wow that was a truly inspiring video. It’s amazing how one experience in your life can set the course for you. Video was really well done too.

  4. Renata Jernigan says:

    My ultimate dream is to, one day be able to afford to live in a home that breathes GREEN!! I love the concept:).

  5. Great video and story! It’s good to hear how an idea appeared and became a reality :)

  6. Joe White says:

    It will be great once real estate and our homes finally gets over the green hump! I look forward to looking over entire neighborhoods with each home topped with a roof garden.

    We already have a few popping up in Philadelphia!

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