*new* Sunset Garden Book

For many of us the Sunset Western Garden Book (which has been around for 80 years) is our landscape bible. It has become the essential guide to the region’s ornamental and edible gardens. And now in its just released ninth edition, The NEW Sunset Western Garden Book has awesome new features and more than 1000 additional plants including a beautiful section on succulents and vertical gardens. There is a free mobile edition of the books Plant Finder for your smartphone so you can head out to your garden and have the information at your fingertips. With it, you can access more than 2000 plants and search by plant name, zip code, climate zone, sun and water requirements and type. You can also browse by color, height, spread and special needs. They have also added a camera icon at the bottom of the pages to point you to the corresponding videos. The information is from the west coast leading experts who emphasize not only beauty, but also water conservation, native landscaping and long-term sustainability. More fabulous than ever.

My copy arrived today, thank goodness. Just in time as it seems like spring has arrived early this year.

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  1. Darius Mojahed says:

    I picked up a copy of this at Costco and it truly is a wonderfully comprehensive guide. I love the fact it covers all the varieties and breaks down the micro-climates for your respective area. I plan to use this quite a bit in the coming months.

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