drawing with shadows

Enjoying a sunny afternoon appreciating the shadows in our house. We experience the designs created by the absence of light as much as the forms that generate the shadows. As architects, when we design with shadows in mind, the structures themselves become the painters, the living artist with a constantly evolving canvas throughout the day and year.
If you were to design a building based on only the function and shadows, what would it look like?

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  1. Sheila Schmitz says:

    Definitely the shadows of tree branches and trunks… and a ribbon of light for the snoozing cat to follow across the bed. :)

  2. I’m not an architect. I can’t imagine the building you would build, but from any linear shadow, you are talking about an angled building 179 degrees of the time, and a straight building only 1 degree of the time, when the shadow is cast at a straight-on 90 degrees. This is out of my league.
    As I see shadows in the garden, the best time is when the sun cuts lower across the landscape, mid-morning and later afternoon. Shadows give depth to a garden (and buildings) that is lost when the sun is directly overhead. Effectively backlighting a garden, the seedheads of molinia grass look like raindrops shimmering in a gentle breeze. Unseen until the late afternoon sun is able to cut from behind, through it. It is magical. Just as magical in a house, the sun moving across the floor, as I follow it from room to room – East, South, West.
    Equally important in a home, the side opposing the sun — how you appreciate the West exposure in the morning when it is very hot — the natural light of day without the heat of the sun.
    How you appreciate the Northern exposure when it is backlit by the sun.
    Why people want a home with a Southern exposure – with small windows on the North — efficient, yes. But. . the view. When you look down the line of a garden as you face south, it is pretty — but when you stand at the south of it and look north, you aren’t looking into the sun. Looking at things with the sun to your back — there’s the view
    I would want a house to include a view of the North(and South and East and West – I want it all.

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