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As we approach Blue Monday (which many say is statistically the most depressing day of the year based on a formula including dreary weather, lack of sun, post-holiday depression and debt), consider adding a bit of new color into your life. Kevin and I were definitely feeling low so we deciding to do a bit of painting and use color to kill the doldrums. We painted our dining room niche using chalkboard paint, now allowing us to make a new piece of “art” each day, or messages to each other.
We also painted the back wall with a light sage color behind our bed which helped to anchor the sleeping nook and also mirror the color of the leaves outside of the bedroom window. We painted the recessed mirror wall in each of the bathrooms, adding depth and transforming the feeling of the space.
We used Benjamin Moore’s Natura paint with no-VOCs, so there was absolutely no smell or off-gassing. It is so great to see that there are so many of the major brands that offer no-VOC paints with a large variety of color options.
We just did a few accent walls. Nothing major, and not time consuming. However, it was an inexpensive and fun way to add some moments of delight through color.

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  1. Philip says:

    Hello Ms Kaufmann,

    I was pleased to have discovered your designs online a long time ago. I’ve been designing for 30+ years, my own ideas concerning interesting, well-priced livable places seemed to be validated by your work. I was so sorry to hear of your bankruptcy.

    For the past 15 years I have become known internationally as a writer, but this year I want to return to design and construction. I may look at prefab for two sites that we are buying.

    I was interested in an online quote where you said you were looking at community projects. My brother is moving that way, not in a big way, one project is five houses another ten in his own subdivisions created from rural zones, all within a short drive to the ocean.

    Your work would create great interest here in Australia. The global economic crisis only glanced us a flesh wound down here. There is a slow down right enough, but niche marketing sees those that are smaller and flexible enough to be pushing ahead as normal.

    Anyway, I was compelled to write this note this morning.

    Bon Chance!


  2. The chalkboard paint can be both useful and fun, especially in the kitchen or a kids room. Suddenly your child IS allowed to dry on the walls and you never have to worry about losing your grocery list. Plus, if there are any budding artists in the family it gives them the chance to practice their skills.

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