hammer-made music

One of the greatest symphonies to an architect is the one played at a busy construction site. The buzzing of people, strategies, materials and tools is an intense dance. Such was my day today visiting our remodel project in Piedmont. We met with the contractors, McCutcheon Construction, to review the status of the project – you know, all the good stuff like schedule, budget and current LEED® points. It is always a balance between them as we make decisions and a refinement in priorities with each issue. The team is looking at phasing different parts of the project to keep the completion date of construction and Scott Landry informed us that we are a little over on the LEED® points so we have some cushion for achieving platinum certification. The team is working on ways to bring the budget down. The deconstruction value of materials donated was finalized which will be helpful for the home owner’s taxes. It looks like the tax savings will be much more than the additional cost for doing deconstruction rather than wasteful demolition.

There was also a meeting with the Gardeners Guild on the trees. Others may see tree trimming, I see future furniture for the house.
All in all, a pretty good day.

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  1. Dick H says:

    If I had a hammer…..Hey think theres a song there.

    An old boss used to hear money going into his bank account when he came to the job site and heard the nail guns blasting away, damn capitalists

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