furry models

Max Strang's puppy poser

It used to be that architectural photographs were famous for having strategically placed colorful fruit amidst a minimal geometric palette. Then Dwell magazine’s Fruit Bowl Manifesto changed all of that and transformed architectural photography to be more tactile and accessible by including people, and especially cute kids.

However, when judging 800 entries for Residential Architect Magazines awards this year, we noticed many included dogs and cats in the photos as a way to give scale and a sense of accessibility to the design. My fellow judges and I all admitted to having done this ourselves. 5 out of 6 of us owned dogs and have included them in photographs of our own homes and client’s homes. Here are a few (Max Strang’s above, Claire Conroy and mine below).

Do you have any architectural photos made better with pets? If so, please send them to share.

Claire Conroy's photo of Ellie, Petey and Moby

Kim and Conie's pooches adding a sense of coziness to our collaborative design. (photo by John Swain)

Peekay on Corb at casa Kaufmann-Cullen

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  1. Steven Holmes says:

    Nice post Michelle! Long before Dwell’s ‘Fruit Bowl Manifesto’…Julius Shulman was documenting Modern Architect projects and including people in his photographs.

    I’ve been a subscriber to Dwell since its inception and love their editorial! Great stuff…but Shulman deserves the proper trailblazing credit.

    As for cats and dogs? That seems new. :)

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