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I am happy to share these photos of a recent project we designed in northern California. I designed the home with Studio 101 Designs and it was built using modular construction by Blazer Industries. The home was set during a 2-day period from 2 modules and then finished (or “buttoned up”) after that.

This is a lovely example of designing a space to feel larger than it is through the use of open spaces, high ceilings, high clerestory windows, sculpted natural light and lots of glass doors to outdoor spaces. The home produces its own energy through PV panels, and is designed with super efficient systems to reduce the amount of energy and water required. Through the use of things like radiant flooring, spray in high performance insulation, dual-pane glazing, high efficiency cooling systems, the home exceeds California’s Title 24 compliance requirements by 30%. The project went through an exhaustive evaluation as a part of the California Solar Initiatives New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) program which helps create a self-sustaining solar market by ensuring high levels of energy efficiency in projects seeking solar system rebates. The 5kW roof mounted photovoltaic system produces the homes energy leading to it being a net-zero energy self-sustaining home.
The siding is FSC certified clear cedar with cement board accents. The flooring is strand woven bamboo, the cabinetry is also FSC certified and interior finishes were chosen for no and low VOCs.
Love it.

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  1. Steve says:

    Beautiful! How much does a house like this cost to build on an empty plot of land?

  2. Ken Peterson= says:


    I’m a retired Engineer, single, curious, and inventive. I developed a Solar Energy system that I’ve taken with me for the past 15 years.

    The idea is that providing power for one fuse block in the electrical panel is easy. So, I divide the house up into rooms and fuse blocks. Each room is assigned a power strip and as I use different parts of the house,go from room to room (bedroom to kitchen to living room), I shut off the power strip for that group of uses (toaster, hot plate, coffee maker,to TV, computer, receivers/recorders, etc.) I told you I’m single!

    Recently, I moved to the south where I was met with elec/gas bills of $200 ea/mo.
    My bill has been reduced from $400 to $36 basically by changing my attitude.

    Love your work,


  3. Michelle-

    This is just lovely.

    I would love to see how this modular construction could applied to mid-rise affordable housing.

    Drop me a line sometime if you would like to discuss…



  4. Steven Holmes says:

    I haven’t looked at your book Prefab Green in awhile…but these photos remind me of all the great work you’ve done in recent years Michelle. Truly inspiring.


  5. Arch. Laura Salazar says:

    Your project is very interesting, I like the fluence of the project, even in a small areas you succeed in creating a spaciounsness atmosphere. The high ceilings was a positive addition and I really love the finishes, and rythm.

  6. Paige says:

    I love this house! through all its beauty and everything it seems to be able to pay itself off.

  7. Beth says:


    You are an amazing artist. An visionary entrepreneur. I am a big fan of your work. I wish you great success, and that I one day can afford to have you design a house for me!


  8. Eric Faust says:

    Nicely done, Andrew.

    Very nice presentation.


  9. Alaika Stein says:

    I am VERY interested in your designs. I own a lot in Morro Bay, CA, and am planning to build w/in the next couple years. I am interested in a custom modular design w/mid-century feel. LOVE the look of the house shown here. How do we connect? I would love to meet with you to discuss possibilities. Thanks for getting back to me.

  10. David Ewing says:


    I Love your work. This design would be well suited to New Zealand. I am keen to know more.

    Kind regards,

    David Ewing
    +64 21 707 320 – TEL

  11. Dick H says:

    I just want to say that Blazer does beautiful work, Marv and Michelle really compliment each other. For a factory that builds job shacks and portable classrooms they really step up and produce beautiful, clean custom homes. Great Job Blazer!

  12. Michelle says:

    Totally agree. Blazer is awesome. We love working with them. Marv and his team do wonderful work.

  13. beverly says:

    do you have a design that would work in the south pacific that has almost yearly hurricanes, and it is hot

  14. Alivia Wamboldt says:

    We are very interested in this home. How much would it cost to build? We are currently in the process of purchasing a beautiful piece of land in Northern Minnesota and would like to start the build sooner rather than later. If you could send any information our way, that would be very helpful.

    Many thanks,

    Alivia Wamboldt

  15. Carolyn Spradling says:

    would it be possible to see the floor plan of this house, and others that you have designed? Thank you in advance.

    Carolyn Spradling

  16. Can this house be built in Jamaica a hurricane prone country?

  17. Very creative! This is one of the coolest homes I’ve seen built with modular construction. You really should take this design and idea nationwide!

  18. jennifer york says:

    I am looking for a pre fab home to build n France your houses are exactly what I am looking for. can you send me details please

    many thanks

    J. York

  19. Rich Kissane says:

    I Love it and I’d like to build it. I would like to discuss details for purchaseing the plan.

    I would like to purchase the plan for the Lotus as well.

    Your designs are extremely warm and welcoming

    Very Well Done!


  20. Marlene says:

    Some friends and I are talking about creating a retirement community of sustainable prefabs. We love this house and would like more information including it’s square footage and cost. Where should I inquire?

    Thank you,

  21. Do you need an inturner? I would love to work with projects like this, future houses, sustainable modular buildings! It would be a deram come true! Im a brazilian architect.

  22. Bob B says:

    Lovely design and appears to be extremely well built. I was curious what type of woods did you use in the construction (house frame), exterior, and flooring?

  23. Marvin R says:


    Everytime i look at one of your homes im left with a lingering desire to design more sustainable. I believe than modular green homes will be the common homes for everyday people soon in the future. I love the entire rhythm and feng shui of the building inside and out. Woven Bamboo and the Cedar siding compliments each together and radiates coziness. We need more architects like you. Inexpensive to build and maintain yet extremely appealing cosmetically :)

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