dan rockhill is a stud

renderings and photos by Studio 804

Dan Rockhill was named a National Design Awards finalist for the coveted Cooper-Hewitt’s 2011 category of Architecture Design. And it is a good thing, too, because Dan is a seriously amazing guy. Not only is the work he does with his own practice Rockhill + Associates breath-taking, but he has also accomplished feats of architectural wizardry with his infamous Studio 804 student design-build projects with Kansas.

Just in case you have been living under a rock during the past 15 years and have missed their work, you should definitely check out the Studio 804 website. These students have done tremendous work. Not only are their designs fresh and thoughtful, but the students also figure out smart and affordable construction techniques as well. They have done a number of homes using modular construction, a Passivehaus home, designed + built the first LEED Platinum home in Kansas City, completed
an interesting Art Center Sustainable Prototype in the tornado ravished Greensburg, Kansas, and developed a number of affordable homes for people who need them most.

Dan somehow inspires and leads these students each year, and helps shape them into very good architects who know not only how to design, but also to build. In the past, I have hired a number of students from this studio and have always been glad I did. They are good. TIP: if one a graduate from Studio 804 sends you a resume, I highly recommend considering them.

A few years back, Rockhill Associates won the 2006 Top Firm Award by Residential Architect (and award I am very proud to say we won in 2008), and here’s hoping he wins the Cooper-Hewitt award too!

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  1. Steve says:

    Amazing work by Rockhill. Love the idea of Studio 804 and the fact students are being pushed to create exceptional and innovative designs. Innovation of this kind (including your work) needs to reach the masses at costs that aren’t prohibitive. All would benefit from experiencing life and work in built environments like those above.

  2. Joblue says:

    I was in the first session of studio 804 (Spring 1995)….it has come a LONG way.

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