Fluid Spaces: A Recent Project

This is a project we are working on that I absolutely love. It is a custom home in Northern California on a beautiful, but somewhat constrained lot. While the house is actually only about 1500sf, it lives much larger. Through the use of angled interior walls, the spaces are allowed to flow into one another.

The accordion glass doors allow the interior spaces to blend seamlessly with the outdoor garden spaces. The sloped butterfly roofs create high windows to help with natural ventilation (hot air going up and out) and also washing the interior ceiling with natural light.  The angle also is set to work with the solar orientation for the PV panels on the roof.

Through the use of smart insulation, high performance windows and mechanical systems, LED and CFL lights, energy star appliances, the house will require less energy. With the addition of the PV solar panels on the roof, the house is intended to be net zero energy home (i.e. the home will create as much energy as it needs).
The butterfly roof will slope down to a rain water catchment garden. There will be water smart fixtures and a grey water system to help the home conserve water but still allow long hot showers each day.  The shower encompasses the tub, creating a bathroom / spa that is spacious and relaxing for the beginning and the end of one’s day. The home is currently under construction using modular off-site technology by Blazer Industries.

4 Responses to “Fluid Spaces: A Recent Project”

  1. Betty McEady says:

    How would I get more information about investing in a custom prefab home? I live in an urban area of northern California, and would like to continue to live near (although not necessarily within) this urban area.

  2. RullyAditya says:

    i very like the concept of prefab home, in my home town is difficult to find right material

  3. Guisenia aka Gigi says:

    Hi! How could I get more information about investing in a custom prefab home? I live in New Jersey where we have four seasons, and winter being the longest. I never knew about prefab homes until a friend of mine told me about it. Is it possible to find a prefab home for less than $50,000? What are the pros and cons? What about State laws, land, price per square feet, banks (loans).. etc. ?? Please let me know more about this. I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thank you!

    - Gigi

  4. MK says:

    Gigi, Thanks for your interest. You can find a lot more information about costs, process, etc. here: http://michellekaufmann.com/2010/04/general-information/
    best wishes, Michelle

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