buried treasure

This lovely underground home is slated to be the first zero-carbon home in the North West of England. Designed by Make Architects, this 4-bedroom oasis leaves the views of nature in tact above the ground while creating spaces filled with light and space below the ground plane. The project utilizes thermal mass benefits, will use a ground source heat pump, and renewable energy and expects to create more energy than it requires. Although buried in the earth, the strategy provides plenty of natural ventilation and sunlight, while creating privacy and spaces for reflection at the same time.
When can we visit? I have my bags packed…

Thanks to Jon Kaufmann for bringing the beautiful project to my attention.

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  1. Tek says:

    Definately a creative design. It would be interesting to know how much it cost to build this zero energy “castle”. It would have to be on the very high end of cost per sq ft, and total energy consumed to construction.

  2. Lloyd Alter says:

    Actually, this house is a demonstration of a disturbing trend of using green roofs to essentially hide houses, so that they can be put in protected areas and greenbelts. According to the local paper last year,

    “Though the development would be on green belt land, it is understood that Neville is hoping to use planning laws that allow the building of new country houses providing the designs are “truly outstanding and ground-breaking” and reflect the “highest standards in contemporary architecture”.

    I wrote last year:

    Context matters. Greenbelts and protected areas matter and are under threat everywhere. 8,000 square feet of construction in a greenbelt, even if it is underground, matters. Putting a green roof on a building doesn’t give it a free pass.

  3. MK says:

    Lloyd, thanks (I guess) for bringing this to our attention. Heart breaking. Given a different context, and if it was designed for to a reasonable size, a solution like this could be lovely. But, you are correct, putting a green roof on top does not equal a free pass.
    Disappointed, Michelle

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