favorite 2010 app

Although there is an enormous field of fun iphone apps on the market, this is the one that tops my list for 2010. 360 Panorama transforms the iphone camera to allow one to make a full panoramic photo. Not only is this for the person with a creative eye in composition, but it is a super helpful tool for architects.

After visiting a new project site, I piece together multiple photos to put together a full 360 degree view photo so I can remember the conditions of the site (views, trees, wind, solar, neighbors, etc.) from a particular place on the site. Piecing together those photos takes time, and it can be a challenge to get a smooth transition between the splicing. This solves that. In 26 seconds.

Same thing with interior spaces. Currently I am working on a very cool remodel project where we want to maintain as much of the existing home’s integrity and materials as possible. A 360 view of each room’s interior is extremely handy when I am back at the office and trying to recall a particular detail.

The app is extremely easy to use. With just a push of a button, you are off to the races.
It might be the best 99 cents I spent all year.
Now if I can just find an app that would do my laundry for me…

360 Panorama

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  1. Martin Mitchell says:

    I’ll trade doing your laundry for architectural services. And I iron better than my wife.

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