green materials + systems

With all projects we work on, we use sustainable principles when designing, including:
thoughtful design (designing to use less)
material efficiency (materials that are renewable and recyclable)
energy conservation (with the goal of achieving net-zero)
water efficiency (reducing water consumption and recycling water for irrigation)
healthy spaces (materials that are low and no-VOCs and incorporating air filtration systems).
systems built (utilizing technology to build in a smarter, more efficient way that reduces waste and time while increasing predictability)

green certifications
We design homes, communities and resorts to achieve a variety of green rating certifications including:
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design which is the certification by the US Green Building Council)
Build it Green (for projects in California)
NAHB Green Building Standard (certified by the National Association of Home Builders)
Energy Star
Your local jurisdiction green rating program
We will work with you to help choose the best rating system for your project and the exact rating level will be determined based on your project goals. Part of the rating level is also based on the site design.

There are a variety of sustainable materials, methods and system options available for your home.

Also, through the use of off-site modular technology, there is a dramatic reduction in construction waste due to precision cutting and storage capacity, there is significantly less noise, dust and damage to the building site, landscape and neighborhood, and there is overall less oil and transportation due to less construction time and the fact that there is typically less distance between workers and the factory than between contractors/subs and a construction site.

Outdoor rooms are designed to extend the use of space, increasing the size of the home but with less cost and heating/cooling.

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