sky planting

©2010 J.B. Spector / Museum of Science and Industry

Defy gravity and reduce watering by 80% through the use of these unique upside-down planters by Boskke. These plants in the Smart Home: Green + Wired at the Museum of Science and Industry show that you can save space (maximize your floorspace), conserve water (potted plants commonly lose water through evaporation and drainage which these planters do not), purify your air (emitting oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide and noxious chemicals), improve your health (plants have been proven to positively affect people’s physical and mental health while increasing alertness and alleviating stress) and add playful green beauty.
Are green ceilings that next cool design strategy?

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  1. Irene Turner says:

    Hmmmmmmmm….perhaps green ceilings could be the next trend…although energetically speaking I think it might feel a bit strange to walk under a complete growing garden…But then of course we thought green walls or vertical gardens were strange at the beginning and look how fabulous those have become.
    I do LOVE these particular planters though and can think of many applications when designing interiors! Thanks for featuring Michelle.

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