solar fabric

I love this this new solar fabric structure by FTL Solar. This innovative pre-fabricated Photovoltaic (PV) tensile structure integrates thin film PV with super strength fabric to create easy to deploy, move, install energy producers. They also are double-function by creating spaces of shade.

This can be something that you could add to your garden to create a covered outdoor space while also creating energy for your home.

They are also smart solutions for governments, and disaster relief shelters as they can be quickly deployed, easily installed, and then moved when needed. They are so light-weight that they can be dropped out of helicopters. They are easier and less expensive to transport with less oil and carbon emissions required for shipping.

The tensile shape is architecturally interesting, and feels more visually connected to the landscape than some other traditional solar canopies, making things like covered parking into a rippled geometric garden.

8 Responses to “solar fabric”

  1. MarkSpizer says:

    great post as usual!

  2. Wow! Love it, but how durable is it to the elements? Cost?

  3. Ryan says:

    Yes we currently carry FTL’s Solar Products so check us out if your looking for more info Powerenz dot com

  4. M.Putera says:

    Very interesting, need to know all the economic cost in comparison to others variable energy.

    what is the durability in tropical weather

  5. Luciana Balla says:

    Recently visited the Museum of Science and Industry, went into the Green Home and now I am a changed person. I can’t get enough info.

  6. Jayesh says:

    Very much impressed.Can it be used on building facades?
    Does it have to be in South facing walls only?( That is the direction we put our solar water heaters in India)
    We need it in bulk quantity but at most reasonable price.

  7. Jeanette Scotton says:

    yes this is a great product for a lot of areas…how does it stay
    “clean” of normal everyday pollution and can it be used in areas where there is a lot of now?

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