california townhouse homes

Michelle Kaufmann Studio is designing townhouse homes in California that have a mix of 2 and 3 stories. The homes also include a roof deck that has a garden as well as a shaded section covered by a solar panel trellis. There are private screened balconies and vegetable gardens. The homes are 2 and 3 bedrooms, including a loft option.

The home designs, materials and systems are based on 5 eco-principles for beauty, health and efficiency.

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  1. Alan Gair says:

    We live in a northern Californian city (Chico)In a largish italianate villa whose designs we brought from Europe.See the website above.
    We now wish to downsize as our family is in England or just finishing university at Berkeley.
    We are in retirement mode and wish to have a small ecologically and environmentally sound house, perhaps even modular or prefab if it can be beautiful. We will find a small site in CA-perhaps even in Chico if we can find a design that works for us as retirees. Say less than 2000 sq ft. a master bedroom and one good guest room. Preferably on two floors with possibility of solar, insulated (we have 100+ degree days). Any suggestions?

  2. MK says:

    If you would like a custom design (prefab or site built), we can help you.
    And in a few months we will be launching new preconfigured home designs.
    So depending on your land configuration, your spatial desires and your budget, there should be something that would be perfect for you.
    Contact us if you are interested for more info. (contact link above)

  3. George Robertson says:

    The message from Alan Gair sounds like the same situation we find ourselves in, except location! We are in Morro Bay and are having a heck of a time finding something suitable on the real estate market. Since we are disabled/retired we have an extremely tight budget. We need to keep under $300K all in. 2bd/1.5ba at around 1000sqft. do you think with your pre-fab approach we could enjoy what you have to offer? My wife and I think you have the solution to our permanent housing needs. As a wise man once said: “Impress me!”
    Look forward to hearing back from you

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