Smart pebble

So much water gets wasted in the shower every year, and many times it happens inadvertently. That is where a product like this one comes in handy. The Waterpebble is a clever device that monitors water going down the plug hole when you shower. How it works: it memorizes the time you take on your first shower with it, and then it uses that time as the benchmark for future showers. Through a series of flashing “traffic lights” (red for “too much”, yellow for “just enough” and green for “well done – you are saving the planet”) the Waterpebble encourages you to use less water each time you shower.

Paul Priestman, the creator of the Waterpebble, says his design inspiration came from a hotel bathroom sign which read “Please use water sparingly” and he started developing the concept on his return home.

What makes this different than other timing devices is that it is based on your own shower preferences, rather than dictating what that should be. Just don’t cheat and take a long shower for the first one!  You can also reset it anytime you want.

The Waterpebble has also been designed to be fully recyclable.
Water Conservation

Thank you, Jon Kaufmann, for showing me this device.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Every day I am amazed by peoples’ ingenuity! How clever, and how simple.

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