Old strategies reinvented

Sometimes when I see buildings that are beautiful and smart it seems like they speak to me. They tell me stories that sometimes sound like poems, and sometimes a song. And then there are some projects that resonate with me so strongly it almost feel like a pain in my chest. I suppose that is what it might be like for a Rothko painting to some artists, or a perfect wave to a surfer.

This recently completed Alila Villas Soori resort has such beauty that it makes my heart hurt. I found this project while doing research for the eco-resort I am working on in the Bahamas. Finding other examples of sustainable, modern resorts is such a treat. The architects SCDA did a lovely reinvention of historic tropical architectural moves.  The walls that can fully open or close, along with sunshades, high ceilings and deep roof overhangs all work to maximize breezes and views while minimizing unwanted sun and heat gain. The mix of local woods and stones are found in historic buildings in India, but are used here with ultra clean lines.

The interplay of the outdoor and indoor spaces and pools extend the sense of space, and make the villas feel much larger than they are. And while the site itself is stunning and certainly adds to the intoxicating tranquility these spaces evoke, one could take a similar approach in other warm environments, even when they are not beachfront.

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  2. Mel Schenck says:

    Michelle, I have been looking at this firm (SCDA) for a long time now for an integrated resort project of ours on the coast of Vietnam. However, the two hotel operators we are currently working with are too conservative in their branding image to consider fresh sustainable design like this. A couple of other resort architecture firms to consider are Maps Design (http://www.mapsdesign.com) in Singapore, and Original Vision (http://www.original-vision.com) in Hong Kong. Best wishes for you and your project. — Mel Schenck

  3. MK says:

    Thanks for the links. I will definitely check them out.
    best wishes to you,

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