Custom Home – LEED Platinum home in Montecito

I am super excited to hear that construction has begun (apparently the foundation is almost complete) on a house in Montecito. The design has been a collaboration between John Maienza (architect and designer), Gregg Wilson (builder extraordinaire), myself, and a fabulous planning, design, engineering and architectural team. John and Gregg have created a number of amazing homes together including this ultra stylish eco-luxury gem in Santa Barbara.

The home is on a site one lot from the beach and magnificent ocean views. To maximize the natural breezes and views, the living spaces are on the upper level, with the sleeping spaces connected to the courtyard, pool and heated beach on the lower level.  Each room in the home connects to the outdoors. There are indoor/outdoor bathrooms (my favorite kind). Slide-away glass door walls allow the beach house to blend with the outdoors, utilizing full indoor/outdoor living. The living room corner sliders will be able to open automatically with a switch. Indoor to outdoor with a push of a button and not even having to set down your drink.

The home will be net-zero energy – meaning it will produce as much energy as it requires. The butterfly roof will wash in the natural light, while having upper windows for allowing the hot air to leave the house. Having the slope towards the interior allows the roof to house the solar system without it being as visible. The solar thermal will be installed just below the PV solar panels using the heat from the PV to heat the water for radiant flooring. The heating and cooling system includes electric air to air heat pump for space heating, cooling and domestic hot water with a Solar PVT (solar thermal) backup.

The butterfly roof slopes down to a centrally located rain water catchment system and collects the rain and uses it for irrigating the garden. The landscaping includes non-invasive and drought tolerant plantings and the living green roofs on the pool cabana and the garage help insulate the home and reduce storm water run-off. Over 50% of the hardscape is high Albedo (light colored and less heat absorbing).

Eco materials are being used for flooring, cabinetry and countertops. There are energy star appliances throughout, LED lighting, no-VOC paints, and also a energy monitor system so they will be able to see the energy usage immediately and be able to adjust accordingly. All the good stuff.

Smart living and eco-luxurious.

Currently the home is targeted to achieve 104 points (although only 95 is required) for LEED for Homes Platinum certification. This will make it the first LEED Platinum home in Montecito.

I can’t wait to follow the progress of the home on John and Gregg’s blog at Globally Gorgeous. (which is a fabulous blog, by the way!)


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  1. cub parker says:

    Am very interested in more information on thisd and similar homes to be built on smaller lots near beach area. And it must be all green. Thank you.

  2. john J says:

    Dear Michelle
    My name is John and I am thinking of building my own home after a few years of house hunting. All the homes I have looked at just dont have the personality Im looking for in a home. What I mean by personality is when someone sees the home for the first time they are in awe of the structure but on their way out they are even more in awe. My taste is mid century modern type homes with lots of light and windows. Joseph Eichler would probably be my best friend if he were still alive because I love his homes.
    Michelle Im really new to this building process. I do have fears of what surprises and road bumps I may face unexpectedly so the professional relationship I plan to have with my architect is very important to me.
    I recently got engaged and plan to build for my future family and life. I just started to look at land recently but decided to consult an architect before purchasing in order to determine what type of land (flat,upslope,downslope etc….. I should look for based on my design preferences.
    If you can contact me I would appreciate it.
    Thanks John

  3. When did solar panels start to become popular? Like when did you start to see solar panels on houses and solar garden lights?

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