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Last week was an exciting one. I was in Denver to see the final 8 modules get set for the first green/prefab multifamily project that I have worked on, and actually the first one that I am aware of that has been built.  The project consisted of 16 modules, and the final 8 were set all on Thursday (and completed by 2pm that day). People came to join during lunch to watch the final modules flying through the air and set into place.  And as one of the nuns, Sister Sue Artone-Fricke noted as she saw her bedroom module, “My new inner sanctum is finally here.”

Denver Mayor Hickenlooper came by to watch as well.  From John Hickenlooper’s blog, the Mayor said, “Denver wants to be the kind of place that brings a lot of innovative ideas. What could be more innovative than to build a totally green, prefab, multiple-unit community on the site of a convent?  This is going to be a great development. I think it brings to Denver just the kind of development that we want to be known for.”

I spent some time with Real Estate writer John Rebchook as he watched the construction. You can read some of our conversations on his blog.

Then that evening, we had a fabulous group of people join for a talk on green modular building + living where we announced the officially start of the next phase of the ariaDenver project.

In this site plan you can see the sister’s housing that was just set (Casa Chiara) as the pink buildings in the upper right corner. The next phase will be the townhouse homes along 52nd Avenue (in yellow on the lower right side).  There are various unit types and sizes as a part of the next phase, packed with strategies, materials and systems for healthy living and energy and water efficiency.

I am planning to work directly with the first 5 buyers to help select finishes and finalize design choices with them.

The townhouse units will have options for either having carports, garages, or even garages with carriage house units on top (which can help bring in income if it is rented out, or can be perfect for an in-law suite, nanny suite, or a working studio).

The inside of the carriage house will be an open floorplan, and use fabric walls as a way to allow flexibility for privacy and changing the space at different times of the day or when there is company.

For more info, check out the AriaDenver website or email

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  1. Betty McEady says:

    What advice or guidance can you provide to an individual (a 65-year old adult female)about ways to apply for and invest in a preFab MK green home? I would like to own/live in MK design home but don’t know how to start investigating the possibility.

    You once were planning to build townhouses in San Leandro, CA. Did you complete those design and construction plans?
    I live near San Leandro; if you have completed the townhouses, please let me know where they are located.


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