EcoPrinciple Four: Water Efficiency

Water is the Earth’s most precious resource, yet in traditional homes, more than one-quarter of drinking water is used to flush the toilets. Our hmes feature an array of water-efficient technologies and appliances, such as low-flow shower heads, dual flush toilets, rain water catchment systems, gray water systems, and xeriscaping landscaping. We also can implement permeable pavers and green roof systems to help reduce storm water run-off.

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  2. Amazing blog you have on water conservation.

  3. Jennifer Ho says:

    On a trip to New Zealand in 2006 we stayed at several homes that had very innovative showers. Many of these were refurbished homes from the turn of the century so updating the bathroom while keeping the beauty of an older home was a joy to experience. Unfortunately I took no photos, but will try to describe their shower design, as it would be a wonderful addition to new or old homes. There were no tracks to step over (or clean) as you might find in a shower door design. There was no shower door- and so no moldy curtain or enclosed trapping of moisture. The tiled floor of these bath rooms sloped to a drain, either centered to the shower area or off to the side. If there was a curtain it was nowhere near the shower spray, it existed only for privacy between toilet/sink and shower area where bather was. At least one of these was on a 2nd story of a home built in approx. 1870.

    I also saw a wall hung toilet that was nice, in that it did not look public- rest-room-commercial. It would be easier to mop under and around. (I also like wall mount faucets in the kitchen so the messy build-up of moisture around the handles is not a problem). I hope these ideas are useful to someone.

  4. Steven K says:

    Working on an Eco project and this info has helped, thanks.

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