EcoPrinciple Five: Healthy Spaces

Healthy homes are happy homes. We seek to create healthy environments by using non-toxic materials, no and low VOC paints, air filtration and purification systems, spray-in foam insulations (which are more effective than fiberglass batting and minimizes mold). A healthy design continues outside the home with water recycling systems to hydrate plants, native plants that are better adapted to climate conditions and green roofs that help reduce carbon emissions.

2 Responses to “EcoPrinciple Five: Healthy Spaces”

  1. Pat Hertzberg says:

    I am interested in learning more about homes built into slopes, with a roof that is then covered with earth and sod or plantings. It would result in a home which is more or less invisible except for the wall of windows on one side only. Can you recommend any good resource to look at homes of this nature? Thanks.

  2. Victoria Craig says:

    I am part of a cohousing community in Boise, ID that is close to selecting a site and beginning to look at building options. Your work just came to our attention and I’m interested in finding out more about the possibility of working with you and your design principles. Thank you!

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